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Resources to fast-track YOUR career, and to help YOUR team to achieve high performance!

People are your greatest resource in a company – invest in them and yourself. Ramp up your career, fire-up your team. Learn to excel and coach others to do so as well.  Rick and Doug have created multiple resources specifically to improve:

  • Leadership and management effectiveness
  • Customer experience and loyalty results
  • Sales growth
  • Employee productivity and engagement

Click for more information and to order today!  We have learned from our experience and research that “if you want your people to be better, you have to be better as a leader.” THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR PUBLISHING SITE. CALL OF IF YOU NEED MORE ASSISTANCE: 888-313-0514 OR EMAIL OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER: SIOBHAN@WCWPARTNERS.COM.

Business Performance Improvement Materials

Leadership Success

A collection of books and programs by Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh, that will positively impact your professional career.

Sales Excellence

Books and programs geared toward selling and increased performance.

Customer Service & Customer Experience Management

Programs, books and self-study’s that focus on customer service, customer experience management, as well as customer retention.

Packaged Training, Group Training, Self-Studies, Video Based and On-line

Programs with a variety of categories for individuals and groups.

Personal Coaching Programs

blueprint_coaching_ad4 Dynamic Coaching Plans Customized for Your Success as a Leader.



Employees and Personal Achievement

Books and resources for employees and individuals who are looking for are looking to further themselves in their careers and/or personal lives.



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